Advocacy is what differentiates Sound Healthcare from the traditional insurance agency. Every week our healthcare team logs many hours of “pro-bono” work on behalf of our creative community. We go above and beyond to find solutions to current, ongoing and future issues impacting the lives of our clients, including healthcare reform.

To follow are examples of our advocacy efforts:

  • Prescription Help Programs for those who cannot afford medication
  • Fighting for client rights when there are problems with claims payments
  • Directing clients to potential resources for medical expenses, including FREE services
  • Working with physicians on behalf of our clients to assist in the underwriting process
  • Recommending physician, dental and vision professionals based on client’s specific needs
  • Advocating for our clients regarding healthcare reform on state and national levels
  • Working with non-profits to develop healthcare solutions for the entertainment industry
  • While many insurance agencies are profit driven, Sound Healthcare works to find the optimal solution for you! We provide our industry-wide expertise and counsel to everyone, regardless of their situation.